Pumpkin Growing Contest & Great Pumpkin Taste Off

Autumn Festival
Very Exciting!!!!!
"A  Pumpkin Growing Contest".....
The Events Committee is holding it's
 5th Annual Pumpkin Growing Contest!!!!
"The Great Pumpkin Taste Off" !!!!

We will hand out FREE pumpkin seedlings 
starting May 17th

We have a facebook page ~ Community growing Together ~ for everyone to post pictures of their pumpkins as they grow and to share questions, concerns etc.

There will be a weigh in on October 7th at 1:00pm
JADA Hill Farm,
 106 Kelsey Rd, Deposit.
for more info call Dawn 607-467-5742

we are also having at the same place, date and time 
a Pumpkin Taste Off...
make anything Pumpkin
muffins, pies, donuts, bread, appetizers, entrees or dessert even drinks!! etc...
bring your best and we will judge it!!!

prizes to the winners
Great Pumpkin Taste Off Facebook group
also we will display 
everyones pumpkins at the Octoberfest on Oct 8th

pumpkin seeds are growing!!!



                       first place pumpkin weighing in at 95.5 lbs was grown by Zachary Hogan

second place winner weighed in at 47.6 lbs grown by Damien Shaver                          third place winner weighed in at 37.3 grown                                                                                                                                                             
                                                                                                                          by Daniel Ray


 and smallest pumpkin weighed in at .28 ozs.                              bring on the pumpkins!!!!!!
          grown by  Keiyonna Allen

    most of our growers


Pass the word around, let everyone know how much fun it was!!
all are invited to participate next year!!!
Come join in on the fun and lets grow  together!!!!

       until next year...lets see if we could grow even bigger pumpkins!!!!!! also we will be adding a pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread tasting contest!!!!!!