Flea Market

We are excited to start a new event this year.  The first Sunday of every month from May - October from 9-2 we will be offering a Flea Market Type Atmosphere were vendors can come and sell their items be it crafts or Flea Market items.  Everyone likes to walk around and find a deal!  We are hoping to have something for everyone.

IT will be held in the Municipal Parking Lot across from the Movie Theater

Deposit Events Committee

Flea Market located in the Municipal Parking Lot across from the Movie Theater

Free Parking for customers

First Sunday of Every Month from 9 - 2pm 

Starting in MAY

-= Firearms sales are prohibited =-

We are an outdoor market open the first Sunday of the month from May to November, regardless of the weather.   The price of setting up is $15.00 per spot. One spot is 12x12 spaces Your vehicle must be moved to another location after you unload it, NO EXCEPTIONS!

We open to vendors at 6:30 am. If you do not have a reserved spot its first come first serve. There are no rain checks issued on Sunday, so choose your day carefully. No unloading vehicles in the walkways after 8 am.
You can reserve spots, All spots in the lot will be labeled and the reserved spot vendors may enter early. Any reserved spots not occupied by 8 am will be filled without reimbursement.

Benefits of reserving a spot is you have a spot and if you reserve two dates then you pay only $25.00 for both dates
You cannot sell food or drinks (excluding produce and grocery type items).

Firearms sales are prohibited.

Shopper vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering the vendor area for pickups.
Everything you bring in, you must take home. This includes empty boxes, paper, unsold merchandise, etc. If you are caught leaving anything in the parking lot, you will be banned from the market. Keep your spot clean. Please pick up your cigarette butts, peach pits, etc.
We set you in a clean spot and we appreciate you leaving it the same way.
Please do not pack up before 2:00 pm. If you must leave early due to work schedule, etc. tell us early on as we really don't have an easily accessible exit spot. We are open until 2:00 pm.
Insurance law prohibits the building of any fires or use of grills.
Selling counterfeit merchandise is prohibited.
Upon receipt of your admittance fee, you agree to be responsible for any damage caused by you or your merchandise.
Your receipt card must be displayed in your windshield at all times.
Sorry - no dogs, bicyles, skateboards, etc. allowed on Sunday.
If you have any further questions you may speak to Traci call (607) 467-1001
or email TraciAnneStuart@gmail.com with Flea Market in the subject line.

You’ll find a clean and friendly flea market with a staff that strives to insure you a pleasant and profitable day.


50/50 raffles are to benefit nonprofit organizations or local individuals that are in distress.
Worthy causes could be fire victims, medical bills caused by serious illness or accident.
You supply the 50/50 tickets and helpers. We will supply the setup table, a couple chairs and the PA system.
Normally the raffle starts around 9 am and runs till 1 or 2 pm.
Figure one person to stay at the table and two or three people to stop at all vendor tables. Call or email TraciAnneStuart@gmail.com or 607-467-1001 for available dates

All rules are not set in stone at this point.

 We are looking primarily for Garage Sale items, Crafters, etc.  Limiting Direct Selling companies to 3 total, we have 25 spaces available